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BF Golfing was started in 1994 as a hobby. First, just re-gripping clubs for friends, then as I got more into it I started to do club repair and custom club fitting. Over time as my customer base grew, I realized this was becoming more than just a hobby, so I went to Golfsmith School to learn the ins and outs of club repair and custom club fitting.

Now with over 23 years of experience, I can do club re-grips, custom club fittings, club repairs, and carry all of the items for your basic golfing needs. I also provide services at the Crooked Pines Golf Course, Ontario Golf Course, Executive Golf Course, and Eagle Ridge Driving Range for all of their customer’s golf needs.

We are located right on North Main Street across from the Marion Elementary School.

3868 N. Main Street

Marion, NY 14505

(315) 945-0064